Boho Earrings - Tribal Spirit

Handmade by members of a cooperative in Mozambique from aluminum pans from cars, these striking earrings feature a traditional African design etched into matte blackened aluminum, revealing shiny silver. Lightweight, the earrings are 1.25 inches square.Product Features:Colors: Black MatteMaterials: Aluminum Clasp: DangleDimensions: 30 mm wide X 30 mm long

Meet the Artisans

Metal Artisan in Haiti Based in Mozambique, BaobArt is a collective of over twenty artisans from impoverished zones in and around the Maputo City center. Brought together by craft enthusiasts who helped them grow production, the artisans now have access to global markets and with this access comes the ability to support their families and communities. BaobArt artisans produce a wide range of traditionally inspired crafts, specializing in the use of local and renewable wood and recycled materials in stunning jewelry and home decor. The artisan’s extensive training and love for their art is visible in the high quality of each carefully crafted piece.